Rema Tip Top, One Brand, One Source, One System


The high-quality and dependable REMA TIP TOP products occupy a top position in our industry and this is reflected in product creation and application requirements. Safety, health and environmental protection are also at the center of all business activities.

ISO-certified company

In this sector, REMA TIP TOP was the first company in the world to be ISO-certified. Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is confirmation of our high quality standards.

By 1995, REMA TIP TOP had, as the first company in this industrial sector, achieved QS certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 for the Poing, Fuerstenzell and Desdorf facilities.

The Wittenberg factory also achieved DIN EN ISO 9002 certification in 1995 and in the meantime DIN EN ISO 90012008 has also been successfully achieved. We are very proud of this and of the employees who made it possible.

SCC certification of REMA TIP TOP offices

Safety, health and environmental protection are at the center of all business activities. The uppermost goal is to ensure that employees, external partners and the public enjoy a safe environment. Standardized processes and uniform work methods form the basis for both commercial and legally correct dealings.

We are working to successively certify all offices in accordance with SCC (Security Certificate Contractors) regulations. These regulations form a management system that brings together work safety, health and environmental protection interests.