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Education & Training

At REMA TIP TOP, trainees learn their craft from scratch and profit from the personal and professional experience of our staff.

Here you can find important information about education & training at REMA TIP TOP AG.

Do you have any further questions?
We'll be happy to answer them. Simply write an e-mail to:

What does the company do?

We are a worldwide supplier of conveyor systems and products for wear and corrosion protection. You’re not sure what that is? But perhaps you are familiar with our bicycle patches?

Apart from those, we also produce repair patches for cars, trucks and conveyor belts, and a complete range of workshop equipment. Whenever heavy stones have to be loaded onto trucks our rubber mats are, for instance, used to protect premature wear of the truck. Of course, these are only a few examples from our product range. During your training with us you will get to know many more.

For which occupations do we offer training and what do we expect of you?

At our headquarters in Poing near Munich and at our Fuerstenzell location near Passau we offer in the technical area:

Mechanical process specialist for plastics and natural rubber equipment


  • good secondary education certificate
  • Interest in technical processes
  • good marks in physics and mathematics

Are you dependable, can you work on your own initiative, and can you think quickly combined with a team spirit and awareness of responsibility? Are you independent, are you eager to get involved and is your knowledge of German outstanding? Then please apply and become part of our company.

Why should you apply to REMA TIP TOP?

Because we are an international company with over 5000 employees and offer an exciting and diversified work environment.
Make coffee and sit in the corner bored?

That doesn't happen at REMA TIP TOP because you will be involved in our daily business right from the beginning. In accordance with your educational plan, you will pass through every Department relevant to your training and thus collect a great deal of practical experience.
In addition, we offer you:

  • Collectively agreed and recognized educational contract (IG BCE)
  • Special tariff conditions
  • Individual further education
  • We will take you on if your performance is particularly good

The normal training duration is three years but this can be shortened to 2 1/2 years if your scholastic performance is good.

How do I apply in the right way?

We have put in our application information all the important data for your application at REMA TIP TOP AG.

Application information (PDF, 98 KB)